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we're back with more of "today" tuesday morning, the 4th day of august, 2012. a little muggy here in the new york area. we've got some nice people here stretching out the holiday weekend keeping their weekday going with us on the plaza. nice of them to stop by. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with al roker. he's with us while savannah is in charlotte, north carolina. >> good to be here. we're going to talk to ivanka trump. we're going inside her 10 bedroom apartment. she and her husband and young daughter share it. we're going to get a little
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virtual tour courtesy of ivanka herself. >> yes. she'll be on set and we'll show some photos. >> we'd like that. >> we didn't like bust into her house. >> i think they knew about it prior to this. >> otherwise it's breaking and entering. >> not so good. also by the way, got all these summer barbecues, summer fun. now it's time to get serious about your diet again. this morning joey bauer is here to be a kill joy and answer your most pressing questions when it comes to cholesterol and blood pressure. very important. >> jason was just asking me the question, matt, what's going to be hot on your feet this fall. this morning just for jason, we're going to give you the answer. look at some of the -- those aren't for jason, other people. >> top left, those are mine. i'm calling those. >> take a look at the top foot fashions for fall. before we get to that, let's go inside. natalie standing by. she has a check of the headlines. good morning, natalie. >> good morning to you guys. good morning, everyone. some 500 firefighters are trying
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to contain a growing wildfire in california that forced campers to evacuate. the angeles national forest over the labor day weekend. more than 4,000 acres have burned and at least four people injured including two firefighters. the steep and rugged terrain is making containment difficult. meantime a separate wildfire is spreading in the loss padres national forest. michelle obama speaks to millions of americans in her prime time address as the democratic national convention gets under way in charlotte, north carolina. the first lady toured the convention arena on monday and plans to speak to minority caucuses the next few days. attorneys for michael jackson state and they are asking that a businessman that collaborated with the singer be paid millions for copy right infringe men. a judge ruled howard mann's did violate the estate copyrights. his attorneys rejected a $2
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million sellingment last week. closing argument set today at the murder trial of former chicago area police officer drew peterson. he's accused of killing his third wife kathleen savio found dead in her bathtub in 2004. peterson was charged after his fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared three years later. stunned and devastated. that's how some hollywood heavyweights are feeling after the death of actor michael clarke duncan. duncan died monday in los angeles after suffering a heart in july from which he never fully recovered. he and in blockbusters such as "armageddon" and "the green mile," a film that earned him an oscar nomination. duncan was just 54 years old. a new study finds eating organic may not necessarily be healthier for you. stanford researchers found no fruit or vegetable showed no difference between organic and conventional. however, they did find organic produce is 30% less likely to be
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contaminated with pesticide residues and lowers resistance to antibiotics. how is this for a shopping spree, seven suits worn by british prime minister margaret thatcher fetched a total of $115,000 at a charity auction in london. the top price was $30 grand for a green wool outfit thatcher wore on the day she was confirmed as conservative party leader. and britain's prince harry made his first public appearance last night since the scandal last month involving nude photos in las vegas. harry attended an award ceremony for children with life threatening illness. one intended to tell a cheeky joke instead ended up playing with his penguin. back to al for a check of the weather. >> always a good idea to play it safe. folks from slidell, a beautiful baby there.
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what's her name? >> sophia. >> who is this. >> elana. >> this is elana's big sister. >> olivia. >> olivia and elana. sweet 16, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> let's check it out, see what we've got today. more rain. this is actually remnants of isaac working its way combining with a cold front, heavy showers and thunderstorms from michigan and wisconsin all the way to the northeast and new england. some areas along the coast going to be picking up -- upstate new york picking up anywhere from three to five inches of rain, rain stretching down to florida and georgia. we're looking for a beautiful day in the pacific northwest. the heat continues in the mid plains down into t good morning. it is a born and humid start for us. we will see some thunderstorms develop this
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and that's your latest weather. natalie, jason. >> all right, al. thanks so much. this morning on "today's" home, we're going inside a celebrity home. >> ivanka trump allows cameras inside her apartment for the upcoming issue of decor. we're getting the sneak peek first. the vision of your apartment, really about designing with the idea of your daughter who is now one-year-old but the time you were pregnant with her. >> i was pregnant. i was three months out from having our first child. i was incredibly in this nesting stage. everything had to be absolutely perfect. i was going through the apartment with a fine tooth comb
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looking for a paint chip. then she was born and it started the slow deterioration. >> you basically were in charge of the interior design for the entire trump hotel collection which is a feat in itself. it makes me curious, how is your home design voice different from your business design voice. >> it's funny. we have major projects going on, including doral we bought in florida, washington, d.c. great conversion of a historic property. i spent a lot of time thinking about how people use their space and maximize liveability. obviously with a toddler running around, it's incredibly important at home as well. making sure an environment has an elegance and glamor appropriate for entertaining but also not so precious that it's not livable. >> i think you say in the article you wanted a place where you could put your feet up on the table, it could feel lived in. >> it's not really like i have a choice. i think regardless my husband would put his feet up. i'm just knowing to accommodate
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that in advance. >> i can speak for the guys, there's nothing worse than walking into a really nice house and being afraid to sit down and not put your feet on the coffee table. you took that into account and he's okay. >> he's happy. he had very few requests. the ones he did have were fulfilled. for us it's about creating a home, a space for arabella to run around. i worked with a great interior decorator, who is a joy to work with. we had a lot of fun. there's nothing better. >> we were looking at a couple of pictures. i was noticing the dining room, living room. >> arabella's room. >> the nursery. >> that's your favorite room. why is that? obviously besides your daughter being beautiful and in that room for the first time. >> as a first time mom just the joy of being able to design a nursery was incredible for me. i used a lot of pottery barn, restoration hardware, nothing too fragile or precious. but it was really fun. it's funny, you can tell this is
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my first. all i wanted was an all white nursery. i guarantee my next child there will be dark carpet. so i have some challenges keeping it that pristine. >> the color in the nursery, i know it helps stimulate the baby's brain if you have color. you wanted to go all white but did you cheat and throw color. >> i have a beautiful cloud design on the ceiling, black and white. i did get nervous reading baby books, color is the first thing to do for your child to stimulate them. within a week i had a tacky, ultracolorful mobiles around the crib which ruined everything. that's life interfering with design. >> what about the dining room, was there -- i guess something we can all take away from the design influence there, do you design around a certain piece or collectible in mind? how did that come about? >> i try for each room to find something i love and inspire me. like you said, take that as a cue for the rest of the space.
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in the dining room i found this ceiling fixture by a great glass artist. she's terrific. we have another piece similar to that elsewhere in the apartment. that was real the cue from which everything else evolved. >> do you and jared have the same taste? >> we do and we don't. i think he tends towards more stark, more contemporary where i have a little bit more of an eclectic pallet, i like a little more color. it was a fun exercise. you can tell which rooms are which. >> the color here, is this your office or his office? >> this is our deny. the computers are side by side. at the end of the day we rush home, when we can, to spend the night with arabella. when she goes to sleep we get to work again. it's nice to do that next to each other. >> how about the master bedroom? whose influence won over there. >> the master bedroom is very jared's taste.
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he'd like to get rid of throw pillows. he thinks some things are unnecessary. >> he's on the pillow thing. al hates the pillow through. >> that's the first thing we do, throw it on the ground. >> what's the point of beautiful pillows, throw them on the floor. >> it's a good thing. also the fur blanket. he doesn't under the purpose of that one. i think the clean style, very modern, soothing, is a nice reflection of both of us. >> are you guys done decorating right now because if you're not we're all in trouble. it looks really good. >> you're never really done. we have the conversation about when we start to think about having another child, which is the first room to go. that's the fun thing. we're always moving in new art. we love contemporary art. so it's obviously that can change really the character of a room. >> and you're getting ready to get back in the boardroom for "celebrity apprentice" again. >> yes. >> when does that start up. >> filming next month. >> how do you fit that in your
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schedule? >> it's wild but it's a lot of fun. we film right here in new york and it's the 14th season if you can believe it. >> the celebrities, do you know who is on it yet? you can't share. >> you know, this is the network right here, nbc, but, no, i've sworn away arabella, my firstborn child. >> not getting anything. >> soon we'll find out. ivanka trump, great to have you here. a beautiful apartment. thank you. coming up next, answers to your diet dilemmas. >> later in the hour, how to send your kids to college for free, for real, but first these messages. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going tgive you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance
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stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. this morning on joey's diet
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s.o.s. answers today's diet dilemma. nutritionist joey bauer is here to tell you everything you need to know about cholesterol. >> we're going to drive down the numbers. >> so important, too. let's get started. from kelly in knoxville, tennessee via skype. she's joining us there. kelly, what's your question? >> hey. >> hey, kelly. >> hi, kelly. >> i'm a 21-year-old college student trying to eat healthy on a budget. scrambled eggs for dinner along with fruits and veges. >> her question, eggs are good for protein but not good for cholesterol so should she limit the number of eggs she eats. >> eggs are tricky. she's right. eggs are packed with protein and they have a lot of good for you stuff but the yellow yokes have cholesterol and a lot of
9:17 am
cholesterol and a few grams of saturated fat. for kelly she doesn't have high cholesterol. she's healthy, she's fit. i would say she wants to limit her yokes to one a day or seven total for the week. she can either have a couple scrambled eggs a few nights each week or every night by taking one whole egg and mixing it with two or three egg whites. she can also buy the egg substitute at the store like egg beaters or smart eggs or generic store brands, whatever is on sale. for people with high cholesterol you want to limit the yokes even more, no more than three a week. >> stretch it by making an omelet with vegetables. >> stuff it with vegetables, herbs, seasonings and spices. >> we hope you heard take. >> thanks, kelly. >> a viewer e-mail from ann arbor, michigan. my husband and i both have high cholesterol. i'm pretty sure we're eating all the wrong foods. it's unrealistic to completely
9:18 am
change our diet but definitely motivated to make changes. what are foods best for making changes. >> there are a gazillion foods to drive down numbers. two standouts worth mentioning. lent lentils, first of all cheap, sky high fiber, a lot is soluble fiber which acts as a cholesterol magnet. it attaches to cholesterol and escorts it right out of your system. >> escorts it. please, would you leave. thank you very much. >> if she goes out of the way with her husband to have two meals that feature lentils it will be great. the second is pistachio. they have a a compound that blocks cholesterol in the lower part of the gut. studies show if you have one to two handfuls you can significantly reduce bad cholesterol. those two foods in great shape.
9:19 am
>> lentil, pistachio. that's great. now to the phone with ted. he's calling in from belton, texas. good morning, ted. >> good morning. >> what's your question? >> are there any foods to add to the diet to increase good cholesterol. i'm paying a higher insurance premium because my ratio. >> most people ask about bad cholesterol. just to clarify, bad cholesterol ldl. l for lousy and you want that number to be low. hdl is the good cholesterol. >> happy. >> h for happy or hero. you want that to be high. we think that it could have some protection for your heart. now, in order to that, first is definitely aerobic exercise. if you go out of your way 30 minutes a day, swimming or walking or running or dancing you can increase hgl by 5 to
9:20 am
10%. that is huge. the second thing is increase fish three times per week. if you go out of the way to eat omega 3 rich, salmon, sardines, rainbow trout. i'll tweet them out. that will give it an extra nudge. lay low. stop eating all the white refined starch, white rice, bread, pretzels, sugary treats. that drives down cholesterol. joe michaels if he's in the control room will like this one. if you don't have a health issue that precludes you from drinking alcohol, enjoy a glass a night. half to one glass of wine, a shot of liquor with club soda or fruit juice can drive up that good cholesterol. >> in joe's case, one is the problem. >> no, you've got to do one. if you drink more than that, then you sort of undo the benefits.
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sorry, joe. >> joey bauer, thanks so much. still ahead, the fall season's hottest new trends in footwear. first these messages. kathie lee on the phone? [ diana ] power was very important to me. we test-drove the camry, took it on the freeway, and it was just like -- this was the car for me. [ ryan ] it has stuff that guys like, like the rims and the sleekness to the body. and, then, had the bluetooth and the navigation that diana really wanted. [ diana ] and it was a sport edition, so it felt really grounded to the ground. [ man ] grounded to the ground? yes, yes! grounded to the ground. [ male announcer ] see their story and more at the camry effect. camry. from toyota. at the camry effect. oliv camry. from toyota. never ending pasta bowl is back! endless combinations of pasta and sauce for just $9.95. plus, never ending sausage and meatballs for just $2.95 more. the pasta never ends but the offer does. only at olive garden. don't hide behind your lipstick.
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coming up, how to score free college tuition. not a bad thing there. some hot tips for you. >> hottest styles in footwear for fall. >> they slice, dice, make mounds of julienne fries. some of the quickies as seen on tv products. >> but wait there's more. ♪ were you just... no. are you supposed to be driving that in here? no!
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news on baltimore. >> chance for a few light rain showers this morning. we will see hit and miss thunderstorms develop, heavy amounts of rain. same thing tomorrow. perhaps a brick at the end of the week.
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it's amazing he hasn't exploded yet. guy has taken us to the best diners, his own sunglasses line you have to wear on the back of your head and opened his new restaurant. that's not all. we'll talk to guy about everything he has going on tomorrow on "today." >> i don't know what it is but it certainly was low cal. al roker with natalie morales, jason kennedy. >> good to be here. i'm very excited aut this next story. i've been a victim myself. you've seen the ads on tv and
9:31 am
probably thought about buying them. how well do products like the salad chopper and new wave oven really work. are they worth the cash? we'll put them to the test. >> the fall season is here, why not treat yourself to some new shoes. sharkly ones for you, al. check out the hottest treends you'll want on your feet. >> no place like home. to pay for those shoes we'll show you how to pay for your higher education, go to college or sends your kids there for free or almost next to nothing. >> sounds too good to be true but it's not. >> no. >> first a check of the weather for you. >> see what you've got, starting off today, we do have strong storms stretching their way from the upper great lakes into the mid plains. wet weather along the eastern seaboard, southwest, sizzling in texas and plains. tomorrow, a risk of strong storms, central great lakes, back into the mississippi river
9:32 am
valley, heavy rain in the southeast and atlantic coast. western third of the country, sizzling to hot. beautiful again in the pacific northwest, sunshine, temperatures in the mid up toer 70s to the low 80s. >> good morning. we're starting out with some light rain shower activity in some neighborhoods. scattered thunderstorms will and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up next, from loafers to lace-ups, the hottest styles for the season after this. [ explosion ] [ crunches ] [ explosion ]
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this morning on "today's" style, fall shoe trends, labor day is coming on. it's time to rev up your fall wardrobe. editor from good morning. >> good morning. >> accessories are an easy way to jazz up your fall wardrobe. we're doing it with shoes today. >> also really affordable. as any shoe obsessed woman knows nothing it make an outfit like a shoe. hottest trends for fall. >> let's take a look. a lot of colored suede, beautiful. >> it's absolutely everywhere. as you know, color has been king on the runway. we're also seeing it in our shoes. one of the first trends of
9:37 am
colored suede we're seeing is multi-colored shoes, bold, color stripe. this little pump here just $94. >> pretty. >> you get three colors in one pump. >> nice wedge. >> we are loving a wedge at gilt. what we love about it, it's such a solid great fall look. these are by boutique 9, $69, a whole array of colors in suede. a key for platform wedge is the ankle strap. it's chic but keeps your foot in there. >> booties here i love. >> love a bootie for fall. give an edge to absolutely anything. from bright yellow to urban outfitters to a great sort of '60s inspired two-toned swayed. these are $174, a little splurge but such a statement maker. also western inspired.
9:38 am
>> cobalt blue. >> yes. >> let's move to men's wear inspired shoes. this is a fun trend. >> it is. >> a lot of different ways to go about this. >> let's hear it for the boys this fall. menswear inspired looks are everywhere from fashion to shoes. as we said, one of the easiest ways to get in on a trend is through a shoe. loafers are everywhere. >> from leopard to wild colors. >> leopard to wild color, tassels. we love the high-healed lover, sexy take on men's wear. these are lovely people, $2. loafers. cobalt is one of the colors for fall. a great way to get in. >> sort of lace ups from wing tip inspired to glitter from target. lastly we have the lace-up trend. we're seeing everything from
9:39 am
high-heeled takes on the hiking boots. >> saddle shoe. >> old-fashioned saddle shoe with a higher heel, peek toe sexy version, high-heeled version of oxfords. >> blingy. over here to pumps, which are always in style. these are dressed up. >> absolutely. we've seen this season pump updated with cap toe. >> love that. gorgeous. >> very chanel, very classic. we've got great round toe patent leather with tweed, j. crew, tone on tone h&m, fantastic pump from steve madden, $129, a little bit of a splurge. but the nude shoe elongates the leg, love the metallic, updated and will go with everything. >> the chunkyer heel. >> we were just talking about
9:40 am
the chunkier heal. >> move over stiletto. this is supposed to be more comfortable. >> very chunky. >> great from this, one of our favorites, clean, block heel from zara, $89. >> with a pair of tights really adds to a great look, absolutel >> here a couple more dressup, leopard pattern. >> these are by ann klein, $79. we like to say the leopard pump is a secret weapon in a woman's closet, jazzes up any closet. leopard print works as a neutral, goes with everything. embellished looks, men's suiting material, houndstooth. >> let's move here, finally t-straps back to the '20s, in style everywhere. >> seeing bold color, lots of pattern from j. crew to really
9:41 am
sexy and actually very versatile black patent leather. these are $60. metallics. >> everywhere. >> huge red carpet, runway. >> sequinned shoe. >> sequinned and also glitter. lastly the platform. these sort of bring in a couple other decades, more chunky look from the 1940s by iron fist to sort of sexy disco shoe. >> very cool. >> charles david, $100. >> i love fall already. not here yet but love the trends. thanks so much. great stuff. coming up next, inside tips on how to pay for college and even attend for free right after this. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make allie miss her favorite part of the day. [ laughing ] that's why there's beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight.
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(belhi.ings) good morning. big news. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry... and banana/blueberry. we're telling everyone. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. try some. mmm! two flavors. in harmony. yummy. four nutritious grains and two big fruit flavors to make your day bunches better. this morning on "today's" money, how to attend college for free. with tuition cost going up each year, higher education is harder and harder to afford. there are some exceptions, a
9:45 am
personal finance expert and the host of financially fit on yahoo!. good to see. >> good to be here. >> the idea when you keep looking at colleges, especially if you've got a newborn or young kid, it is frightening. >> private tuition at four-year institutions now is about $114,000. you look at that, very easy to get discouraged. what you have to keep in mind, there are ways to get that degree. you have to think outside the box and do a little extra research. >> one of the ways is to go to a college that's tuition-free. >> it sounds too good to be true. there are a handful of colleges around the country that offer tuition-free scholarships to all of their students. in new york we've got, for example, cooper union. we have alice lloyd college in kentucky. the curtis institute of music in pennsylvania. what you need to keep in mind with schools that offer free tuition. they are small, small campuses. if you're looking for that big college experience you might not
9:46 am
find it in these cases. the curriculum is narrow. for example you might just be able to study music at one school, architect you're at another. if you're adamant about a specific degree you may not find it at these schools. >> hard to get in with free tuition. >> cooper, 7%, alice, 7%. very competitive obviously, who wouldn't want free tuition. >> hello. another way you say to go is to look at state programs that can be very generous. >> very generous. a simple news search, type in free college tuition. i did this and found a lot of great articles talking about michigan 2020, which is this plan, democratic plan proposing to give all high school seniors in michigan a $9500 stipend essentially to go to school within the michigan tate school system. so you know, this is applicable to michigan residents. the big takeaway here if you are interested in going to college and saving money, take it from
9:47 am
me, a penn state grad, look at your colleges in your state. your community colleges, your state schools. you'll save 70% going to these schools. by the way, states have an incentive to keep scholars and kids with high gpas in the state. it's a direct correlation to boosting the economy in the state. if you have a good gpa, apply for the scholarships at these schools. you might get full scholarship. >> cindy oswego. >> high-five. >> full scholarships, how hard are they to get. >> apply early and cast a wide net. i interviewed for this particular beat, the editor of fast a huge scholarship database. he's also the writer of secrets to winning -- the secret to winning a scholarship. what he said, you've got to start early. this myth you have to have straight as to qualify is just a myth. there's lots of scholarships for kids who have excellence in certain areas, maybe it's science, maybe it's art.
9:48 am
start early. start your freshman year of high school. also corporate scholarships, intel, coca-cola, microsoft, they have very generous scholarships. in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars every year to students. should be a must go resource. >> one of the places people don't think about is the armed forces. >> absolutely. the tradeoff there is very significant. it's not for everybody. but we're talking naval academy, merchant marine academy, military cad any not only offering full tuition but room and board, health care and also a stipend. so what you have to prepare for, if you're going to go into this is obviously knowing you're going to have to give about five years of service when you graduate. great opportunities for a lot of people who want to serve the country. >> great advice. things for people to think about and start early. >> start early. >> coming up, they come with big claims. are they worth your money? we're going to test out five "as
9:49 am
seen on tv" products but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's" consumer, as seen on tv products. you've seen the commercials. which products are worth your money. >> lucy, editor of "self" magazine. >> this is fun. it makes dinner for you, makes it fun to eat healthy food. >> we're suckers to the commercials and buy them and can't use them. you tested them. >> our editors tested everything you see out there. it's only a waste of money if it doesn't work or you don't use it. we found things effective. turns out most americans aren't getting half fruits and vege you're supposed to. this makes it fun. >> start with the chopper.
9:52 am
how does this work. >> this is the genius chopper sold on qvc. what it does is chops your fruits and veges, you make a salad as easy as that. then you can actually serve it in this groovy little container and gorgeous. take it to work. we found out in a study if you bring your lunch you lose five pounds by eating this kind of healthy food. >> who knew. bring your lunch more. >> i hate chopping. i hate chopping more than cleaning. i'd rather clean up than chop. >> oftentimes we don't use produce, sits there and spoils because we don't take it out and use it. >> any salad can be delicious. making salad can be a pain. >> the kids can do that as well. >> it's very fun. we're playing with gadgets. >> move onto the chocolates here of a you've got your veges in you. you've got to fill the sweet tooth. >> this calls my name. i love chocolate.
9:53 am
dark chocolate is good for you. you're supposed to eat it a little every day. the truth for me is how to stop. i would eat the chocolate bar. the great thing about this, sold at target. you can make healthy fondu. you don't have to eat the whole bar. it's social, fun, make this fondu, desert but good for you. >> in case it doesn't work, i feel like i need to try it just to make sure. >> try it. your kids can make molds with chocolate. dark chocolate is good for you and what you're dipping in. >> don't get it all over the tie. >> the burgers are juicy without the grease. new wave sells them for $100. you don't have to heat up the whole kitchen. uses conduction, convection, infrared. put in potatoes. >> like a souped-up microwave but keeps the crisp in the
9:54 am
burgers i hear. >> keeps the heat in here. if you're in a hot kitchen, you don't have to heat up the whole thing. it makes the whole dinner right in here. >> healthier. >> delicious. all these burgers were made with this. the new people will sell it to you. >> i like the next item. go out of town, forget to throw things out. put them in the frig, smells bad. it's what? >> genius, a little air freshener, takes ethylene gas, makes produce fresher longer. >> save money. >> you guy it on qvc, save produce, won't throw away wilted lettuce. >> last but not least. >> this is cute. this cute little wire basket. you know how you throw away the water. this makes pasta or steamed vegetables and you can keep the water for corn or veges and you don't get a face full of hot water. >> fantastic. >> i say with this you don't have to be a chef, just eat in,
9:55 am
eat fresh, eat healthy. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for helping us out today. always good to have you here. >> i appreciate it, guys. >> let's eat chock. >> kathie lee and hoda check out the best allergy-free school snacks after your local news.
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